UNDP's Digital Guides are a comprehensive resource for organizations and individuals looking to leverage digital technologies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
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The UNDP Digital Standards.

Standards create excellence. The UNDP Digital standards enable decentralized digitalization at scale and unlock new possibilities for over 5,000 projects across the world.
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Robert Opp

Chief Digital Officer UNDP

The Digital Fitness programme is designed to bring together global best practices in digital with UNDP’s unique capacity to deliver impact. The programme is aimed to ensure UNDP is able to use digital to amplify our development impact.
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Increasing energy access for those furthest behind and accelerating a just and inclusive transition to sustainable energy systems.

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These Digital guides were developed through a collaboration between UNDP's Global Policy Network and Chief Digital Office. They cover all six signature solutions outlined in UNDP’s Strategic Plan and provide a perspective on how digital technology can boost the support offered by UNDP. They also shed light on the potential threats and risks posed by these technologies. Harmonised with programmatic offers, these guides suggest practical ideas for integrating digital technology into UNDP projects, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness and reach while also ensuring awareness and mitigation of associated risks.

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